Bracelets Rings




Classic Cream Flowing

Earrings Classic Green Flowing
Classic Green Flowing

Earrings Classic Blue Flowing
Classic Blue Flowing

Earrings Classic Red
Classic Red


Earrings Classic Green
Classic Green


Earrings Classic Blue
Classic Blue


Earrings Classic Black
Classic Black

Earrings Classic Yellow Flowing
Classic Yellow Flowing

Earrings Samba Cream
Samba Cream (coconut skin)

Earrings Samba Red
Samba Red (coconut skin)


Earrings Samba Yellow
Samba Yellow (coconut skin)


Earrings Samba Green Musgo
Samba Musgo (coconut skin)


Earrings Samba Purple
Samba Purple Sold Out


Earrings Samba Green
Samba Green (coconut skin)











Shape and tone can change on earrings made from coconut skin and wood.
Each individual earring is unique therefore a pair will never be identical.

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